​Peanut Chikkis

Peanut Chikki is a traditional sweet preparation across India and is usually made by jaggery and peanuts or ground nuts blended together. A nutritious and easy to prepare peanut chikki is a favorite among children.
Preparation time: 20 mins, Cooking time: 5 mins

  • 1​ cup peanuts
  • 3/4 cup jaggery (gur) (sticky type)
  • 1 tbsp ghee


  1. Roast the peanuts. 
  2. Cool and remove the skin.
  3. Roughly pound.
  4. Grease a flat plate with 1 teaspoon ghee.
  5. Cook jaggery till a thick syrup is formed.
  6. To test that the syrup is ready put a drop in cold water.
  7. If it forms a firm ball the syrup is ready.
  8. Add the peanuts and the remaining ghee. 
  9. Mix and immediately spread on the greased plate.
  10. Roll out to even the surface.
  11. Let it cool slightly before cutting into desired shapes.
  12. Store into air tight container and have it wherever you want till 2 months!

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