PLATTERSHARE….Just Fooding Around

Plattershare is a social media for food lovers, food professionals and food businesses. Share food interests and promote food businesses. Cooking, recipes, food articles, food stories, food brand promotion, food pictures, eateries, food networking.

Today would love to share my experience about PlatterShare, which I joined about 4-5 months back and would say it’s really a good platform for home cooks and chefs!

My experience about PlatterShare..

1) If I start my journey with it, I just got to know about PlatterShare by one of my foodie friend and the first experience I had with Cookifi party evening organized by PlatterShare, which was the tremendous experience I had as it was the first house party, in which the chef himself came at my place and cooked the food for us and that’s again Jain food! We really didn’t expect much as we requested jain food, but Cookifi didn’t create and guilt as they totally fulfilled the requirements! It’s lifelong memory PlatterShare has created for all of us! Love you Kirti and Ankush!

2) As I love cooking and I’m biggest foodie who loves to try different cuisines, PlatterShare would say is the best platform where could share my recipes and learn from others! Also the comments on my recipes really motivate me to do more!

3) The support team made with Kirti and Ankush is really interactive and ever ready to help and support.

The features I really love about PlatterShare are..
1) PlatterShare come up with innovative ideas every week! Every weeks contests with some innovative theme which is again judged by known chefs which really I love as the genuine feedback and encouragement about your recipes really means a lot!

It’s been pleasured when I won the contest!

2) Also every time PlatterShare encourage the participants with rewards and other things like cooking books etc that’s too help the home cooks to try and learn different recipes!

3) The food stories made by PlatterShare team, about food research, chefs stories, about travels etc. I really love to read and again it’s inspiring me to move more towards my destination and show my talent to the world! I wish one day my food story would be featured there!

4) Recipe contribution feature really motivates me to add more recipes!

5) It’s totally giving the credit to our blog when we win in contest, which resemble that PlatterShare is not just for business!

6) Featuring different types of contests like, Turisom contests, farmz2familiez food campaign etc, all these help the PlatterShare family to grow more and more!

7) The recipes on it, really help me to plan my weekly menu in advance, as here I could find all types of recipes whether it’s everyday recipe or party recipes, Appetizers or starters, soups or welcome drink, main course, dessert everything could get here!

8) The search feature on app, it really helps me to search any recipe very easily!

9) The image/video feature while adding recipe as a main image or on each steps, that really helps the readers to get the recipe and try it by just following the same!

10) The comments section on each recipe which very lovely emotions, which I really love to react while putting the comments over there 🙂

Would say if you are a foodie and love cooking, then PlatterShare is the BEST food network I’ve ever experienced!

Just two features​ I really like to have on PlatterShare are…

1) The draft feature of your incomplete recipes, as sometime while writing the recipe, if suddenly internet stops working or I find some other work to do first, I need to re-write the whole recipe!

2) If there could me an option to make wish list of your liked recipes, kind of bookmarks then it’s easier to find them next time without searching it again.

Congratulations PlatterShare and all the very best for brighter future!


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